Re-advertisement: Call to Journalists and Artists: Story Ideas and Cartoons

Posted 2 years ago

Journalists For Justice

Journalists For Justice (JFJ) is a non-profit organisation working to advance improved African journalistic
capacity for social justice causes and accountability through training and effective online platforms, and social
media engagement. The organisation’s vision is to lead in transforming how citizens see, understand, and
define justice by providing them with reliable and usable information about how global justice systems work
in seeking justice for victims of atrocity crimes, and catalysing their agency to demand accountability.

A: Journalists/ radio

JFJ is inviting journalists and media practitioners to submit story ideas or proposals for reporting on issues
surrounding transitional justice and the legacy of human rights violations in The Gambia. The topics will include,
but will not be limited to, the following subjects:
i. Gaps and opportunities in the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) report
and the implementation of the recommendations;
ii. Accountability and justice processes, actions, and other measures to address past crimes;
iii. Reparations for victims;
iv. Amnesty and reconciliation as part of the healing process;
v. Sexual and gender-based violence and other forms of abuse against women and other vulnerable
vi. Institutional reform; and
vii. Social cohesion.

B: Cartoonists and Caricaturists

JFJ is inviting creative cartoonists and caricaturists to present samples of their original work based on justice
narratives in the Gambia.
The cartoonists should have the ability to produce sketches on issues of justice in a humorous way. The work
should interpret ideas and convey stories that reflect public opinion and provide social commentary.
The completed stories and illustrations will be published on JFJ’s websites.
The call is open to journalists and media practitioners in The Gambia who present a story idea or a brief
summary of not more than 100 words. It will be awarded depending on the uniqueness of the proposed story
idea and how it differs from others done before, as well as its significance and potential impact.
Cartoonists and caricaturists are invited to submit three samples of their unique and original work on justice
and human rights in The Gambia.
Each applicant will receive up to 5500 Dalasi to cover travel, communication, research, and meals during data
and content collection, and writing of the story/producing the cartoon.
How to Apply
Interested candidates should email their CV, story idea (not more than 100 words), three sketches (with a brief
explanation of the context) to and not later than 30 June, 2022.

Apply Online